Our Vision

Vision statement

Inspiring excellence.

Our vision is characterised by the following:
  • Providing a safe, nurturing and supportive learning environment which will enable students to grow whilst striving for success
  • We want our students to have aspirations, confidence and the opportunities to become valued members of their local and national communities by promoting global diversity
  • Our vision is to promote the school as a green school by identifying environmental issues and taking action
  • Promoting a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle
  • Develop responsible world leaders whilst realising a child’s full potential with academic rigour and excellence by allowing them to set their own ambitious goals
  • Inspiring students to create a better world through education by developing active, creative and enquiring minds
  • Promoting inclusion through engagement and excitement
  • Promoting peace, honesty and integrity and international-mindedness
  • Promoting continuous improvement by maintaining an awareness of trends in education and their potential impact on our future leaders
  • Fostering creative, critical and analytical thinking skills
Mission statement

The mission of Ara School is to ensure that each child realises their true potential through inquiry-based principles whilst preparing students to be lifelong global citizens in the twenty-first century. The promotion of academic rigor and high standards of excellence are aligned with the International Baccalaureate principles of a holistic and broad-based educational framework. Our aim is to transform learning through a well designed, broad and balanced curriculum for students and the communities in which they live.


The linguistic, cultural, emotional, psychological and physical needs of students must be maintained and respected throughout the teaching and learning process. Inquiry based teaching using real life experiences will support student learning by incorporating a variety of teaching methodologies and strategies, which will enhance student understanding and consequently performance. We believe that we will provide students with a genuine purpose for learning by ensuring that we deliver high quality, robust and engaging lessons.

Our philosophy is built on the following five attributes:
  • Respect and Tolerance
  • Creativity and Communication - improving student learning
  • Efficacy and Perseverance
  • Interrelatedness and Integrity
  • Inclusivity and Diversity – continuous improvement