Our Team

Founding Members
Yukesha Makhan

Yukesha has worked in education since 1999, specialising in teaching International Baccalaureate and Cambridge CIE mathematics and science. She has held a number of mathematics and science teaching posts in the UK, Southern Africa and South America, as well as the roles of IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator, Director of Studies and Deputy Head. Yukesha is an inspirational, resourceful and highly committed educator. She possesses excellent strategic planning skills and a proven track record in whole school curriculum development, managing positive change to improve the performance of both students and staff. She has also led schools through successful inspections. She regularly speaks at educational conferences and also works as an IB examinations moderator. Yukesha believes in a child centered approach to learning. She is passionate about providing students with the best educational opportunities, which will allow them to thrive and succeed in life and thereby become life-long learners.

Dr Annamaria Dovier-Walko

Annamaria holds a PhD in physics. She worked as a researcher for Trieste University, Italy, and later worked in education teaching mathematics and physics. In the UK she held the position of Head of Mathematics at Beth Jacob Grammar School, London, between 1987 and 2000. From there she moved to Dwight School London as Second in Maths Department between 2000 and 2009. Since 2007 she has co-operated with the Open University where she still holds a position as Assistant Lecturer for Mathematics for undergraduates Level 1 and 2. She is also involved in monitoring the work of other Assistant Lecturers and in producing material for e-learning. She cooperates at present with the Further Maths Group of MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry) which produces material, trains teachers and helps schools in delivering the Further Maths program. In between her busy schedule Annamaria has raised two children and instilled in them a love for learning. She loves reading, is passionate about children’s education and believes that learning is the greatest of all human enterprises.