Dependent on the demographics and location, mother tongue and foreign languages will be promoted and taught at the school. Ideally English, Spanish and Mandarin will be taught in addition to mother tongue languages.

Language plays a central role in the construction of meaning and knowledge, especially when it comes to academic language and how it is transferred across subjects. We recognise that language learning and mapping of language is in constant flux as students develop throughout their lives. In the twenty-first century many of today’s students are multilingual rather than bilingual. The ability to communicate in a variety of modes and in more than one language is essential to the concept of international understanding, awareness and compassion. These are skills and attitudes that students will be used in the workplace.

We recognise language as the medium for learning across the curriculum in various subject areas. Therefore language learning can no longer be seen as the sole responsibility of the language teacher but instead must be integrated into all learning – all teachers are language teachers. We believe that language learning is divided into three categories:

  • Learning language
  • Learning through language
  • Learning about language

Strands of languages:

  • Oral language
  • Visual language
  • Written language

There are deep relationships between language, identity and culture. All of these factors promote intercultural awareness, understanding and international-mindedness. At Ara School we endeavour to foster language learning, multilingualism and the development of critical literacy in all our students.