Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning are assembled at the heart of learning experiences and is integrated across the curriculum. It allows students to have ownership of their learning and it supports constructivism. Approaches to Learning is about learning how to learn and is thereby concerned with all the skills and attitudes students must acquire to help them to be confident, independent, active and to become lifelong learners.

Through Approaches to Learning, students at Ara School will develop the following skills:

  • Organisational (time and self-management)
  • Collaboration (group work and personal challenges)
  • Communication (literacy, informing others and being informed)
  • Information Literacy (accessing/selecting information and referencing)
  • Reflection (self-awareness and reflection)
  • Thinking (inquiring, generating ideas, applying knowledge and skills)
  • Transfer (making connections and inquiring across the curriculum)

Students will continually reflect on the following in order to become better learners:

  • How do I learn best?
  • How do I know?
  • How can I communicate my understanding?

Peer, self and teacher assessment completed periodically will ensure that students have an understanding of how these skills and attitudes are developing.