Action and Service Learning

We believe that education extends beyond the realms of academia and our responsibility as institutes of learning is to ensure that students develop responsible attitudes in and to their communities. Student led action should be derived from the units of inquiry and be meaningful in nature.

Involvement and responsibility are key aspects to a thriving community and it is imperative that students understand their role in their communities, locally and globally. The following themes will prevail in their units of inquiry:

  • What is a community?
  • How communities differ?
  • How can education help us understand issues between communities?
  • How can we prevent/solve conflict?
  • What are our responsibilities in a global context?

Our vision is for students to involve themselves in service activities extending beyond the classroom. This will enable them to develop both socially and personally in not only problem solving and conflict resolution activities but to also develop creative and critical ways in which to help others and their communities.